The intention of this blog is to be a network of professionals in the SFV community. This means that I would like to have more than just myself contributing. Ideally, I would like to find 20 – 30 professionals in various fields to post on a regular basis. Of course, the contributors would be the individuals that I would give any web referrals to.

Requirements for contributors are as follows:

  • Be an employed or entreprenueral professional in the field of Real Estate in the San Fernando Valley.
  • Be able to post once a week on the SFV Blog.

Advantages of being a contributor include:

  • Personal publicity and notoriety in the local real estate community.
  • Direct links to your website or email from the blog site.
  • Referals from SFV Blog visitors interested in services in your field.

The host I am using for this blog ( doesn’t allow the use of forms. That means until I reach the point where I am upgrading to a self-hosted site (maybe a month or two, not that long) I will have to recieve contributor submissions by email. Please send an email with “Contributor Submission” into the subject heading and include the following information:

  • Full Name and Business Name
  • Type of Business
  • Where do you mainly do business
  • How long have you been in business
  • Do you invest in Real Estate
    • For How long
    • What is your niche
  • Website and/or Email address

Email Adam a Contributor Submission.


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